Discover the history of the Baltic Eco-Energy Cluster

BEEC – Green Alternative for the Macro – Region of Northern Poland

Baltic Eco-Energy Cluster (BEEC) was appointed by virtue of an initiative of the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machines of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Marshalls of the Pomeranian and Warmian-Mazurian Voivodeships.

The main goal of the BEEC is to facilitate absorption of structural EU funds (central and regional ones) in the Macro-Region of Northern Poland, but also to improve the coordination of actions of economic entities, communes and poviats, associations and offices and scientific centres within the use of renewable sources of energy. The Macro-Region of Northern Poland has the greatest resources if the so called “green energy” and therefore the greatest possibilities of their technological use.

Our partners

Employees of the Cluster

Janusz Gołaszewski

Jan Kiciński

Ewa Domke

Marzena Patoleta

D.Sc., Eng.

D.Sc., Eng.

Chairman of the board

Director of the IMP PAN
Chairman of the Cluster Program Council

BEEC Office Manager
Deputy Director for Research Centre PAS KEZO and International Cooperation

Adrian Lis

BEEC Office
National and International Cooperation

Deputy Director for International Cooperation & Project Administration


Coordinating office of the Baltic Eco-Energy Cluster


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